Data Storage Tags (DST)

Data Storage Tags are ideal for tagging due to accurate depth and temperature sensors, large memory size and long battery life along with some advanced programming features. The housing is made of bio-compatible material, which does not endanger the health of the tagged animal. The non-transparent housing ensures that sunlight does not affect measuring providing more reliable data. 

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DST microRF

temperature telemetry

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DST milli-HRT

heart rate and temperature logger

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DST milli-L

depth temperature archival tag

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DST milli-PU

Pasteurisation Logger

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DST milli-T

small waterproof temperature data logger

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DST milli-TD

mini pressure (depth) and temperature...

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DST nano-T

world's smallest implantable...

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DST nano-TD

world's smallest archival tag

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DST pitch & roll

miniature temperature, depth, pitch &...

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