ICAM Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter,

Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter (in situ)
Manufacturer: Turner Designs
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Category: Absorption Meters

ICAM is an in situ Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter. Factory configured with nine (9) wavelengths from UV (365nm) to Red (676nm), ICAM enables absorption measurements over a wide spectrum. The patented integrating cavity design means that little or no scattering correction is needed. Built with solid-state optics and electronics, ICAM provides excellent reliability with low power requirements in a relatively small package – only 31” (12cm) long, 7” (2.7cm) diameter and weighing 33 pounds (15kg) in air. Absorption can be measured from 0.001 m-1 to a maximum of 15 m-1. Data can be collected at a maximum rate of six (6) data lines per second using the ICAM GUI. Alternatively, data can be logged internally and output over RS-232 at a maximum rate of one (1) data line per second. Each data line recorded will have a date/time stamp and may contain up to nine (9) absorption values depending on the wavelengths selected. ICAM enables absorption measurements of water systems to generate data that are used in modeling to help with bloom predictions, water mixing or transport, and satellite imagery as well as plant physiology, laboratory research and wastewater monitoring.

ICAM is capable of measuring absorption at nine different wavelengths spanning the light spectrum from UV to Red. At each wavelength, water absorption coefficients (aw), which indicate how light becomes attenuated throughout this media, are calculated based on water’s absorption properties. These absorption coefficients can be used to characterize water parcels or types, making ICAM a useful research tool for a broad range of applications. ICAM also offers a big advantage over conventional in situ absorption meters in that scattering errors are greatly minimized so that little or no correction is required, even for highly turbid samples.

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