All In One Modem, Float, and Release
Manufacturer: Teledyne-Benthos
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Our Smart Modem Acoustic Release Technology (SMART) is a unique concept from Teledyne Benthos that combines the proven technology of an underwater acoustic release with the reliable undersea communications functionality of an acoustic modem.

Our SM-975, or SMART Modem, supports the most current features of the Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Modem line.  Similar to our TR-6000, a proven Teledyne Benthos acoustic transponder, the electronics, batteries and a transducer are housed in a glass sphere with a burn wire release mechanism. This self-buoyant modem, however, offers even more capabilities: 

The glass sphere contains the modem PCB, which allows full telemetry capability to full ocean depth, with RS-232 connectivity to attached sensors. 

Our SM-975 may operate independently or can function as a node in a small network.

Our SM-975 is a modem, float, and release all in one. This decreases equipment cost, integration and deployment costs.

* Combined float, release, and modem in one package.

* Integrated into a glass flotation housing for easy deployment, recovery and storage.

* Can act as an underwater LBL node, or as an acoustic network repeater.

* Enough internal space and power to support other PCB systems.

* Communicates with our UDB-9400 Universal Deck Box and all other Benthos modems.



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