Janine Nelson

Janine NelsonJanine Nelson spent the first 11 years of her working career (1986-1997) as an oceanographic research assistant and technician at the Sea Fisheries Research Institute (SFRI), Cape Town, first in the Reprographic Section, and later in the Surveys and Fish Behaviour Section, where she participated in some 20 oceanographic and acoustic stock assessment cruises in local waters, two acoustic surveys of krill in the Southern Ocean, and as a trainer on an acoustic training cruise in Moçambique. During this time she gained extensive experience in the collection, processing and management of acoustic and associated biological and oceanographic data, as well as in all aspects of manuscript preparation and reproduction. She also found the time to complete a B A degree in Industrial Psychology and Socio-cultural Anthropology by correspondence through the University of South Africa, Pretoria, in 1994. After a 6-year spell in South America, where she worked largely in the tourist industry in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil and became fluent in Spanish, Janine returned to South Africa in 2003 to join FRS, initially as a part-time sub-contractor, but more recently as a full-time employee.

For the last 3 years she has been heavily involved in acoustic surveys of orange roughy in Chile with Dave Boyer, where her experience in acoustic surveys and associated work and her proficiency in Spanish have proved to be invaluable, both to us and our Chilean partners. Janine also assists in local surveys and in data processing and manuscript preparation for our surveys in New Zealand and elsewhere, bringing a highly-efficient, enthusiastic and meticulous approach to everything she does. 

No vuelva por favor a Sud América, Janine, nosotros le necesitan aquí.