• Set up and calibration of acoustic survey equipment

Selection, testing and maintenance of a wide range of fisheries acoustic equipment, and sphere calibration of hull-mounted and towed transducers to international standards using the Company’s custom-built calibration system

  • Vessel noise trials

Measurement of flow and self-noise on vessels to establish the detection limits of the fish-finding equipment under different conditions, and the vessel’s suitability for any intended acoustic survey work

  • Survey design

Design of resource surveys and advice on all aspects of survey design for both stock assessment and exploratory surveys

  • Development of acoustic survey methods

Assistance in the development of new acoustic survey methods, such as multi-frequency and multi-beam methods of estimating fish target strength in situ, and ways of overcoming problems in surveys of pelagic and demersal fish related to fish behaviour

  • Conduct of surveys

Assistance in conduct of acoustic and trawl surveys of fish stocks, ranging from ad hoc technical assistance in vessel preparation to the Company taking full responsibility for the survey, including specialised work such as studies on target strength or fish behaviour

  • Use of commercial vessels to collect scientific data

Design and conduct of acoustic surveys from fishing vessels in the course of their normal fishing operations as a low-cost alternative and/or supplement to research vessel surveys

  • Data analysis and reporting

Advice and assistance in all aspects of data analysis and data interpretation, including the writing of reports and the presentation of the results to clients and other interested and affected parties