Combined Acoustic Release and Underwater Modem
Manufacturer: Teledyne-Benthos
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The Smart Modem Acoustic Release Technology (SMART) Release is a unique concept from Teledyne Benthos, that combines the proven technology of an underwater acoustic release with the reliable undersea communications functionality of an acoustic modem.

When deployed, the unit can be connected to an underwater sensor, such as CTD, ADCP or similar sensor.  The SMART release unit can then acoustically transfer data from the connected sensor to the surface or to another subsea modem for retrieval at a later time.

The SMART release allows oceanographic, military, and other users, the ability to monitor and retrieve data from their subsea instruments, and then release the entire package of instruments successfully to the ocean surface when needed.

Key Features:

Combined modem and release functions

Enables real-time communication with your subsea instrument

Vertical mount plate or side mount

Deck box connectivity to customer laptop and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) software

SR-100 inline mount 5000 kg SMART release (pn: D846-0100-1)

SR-100 vertical mount 5000 kg SMART release (pn: D846-0100-2)

* Combined release and modem functionality.

* Can utilize our Universal Deck Box UDB-9400.

* Inline and vertical mount options.

* Available with remote transducer head option for challenging deep water environments.



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