BC 1242 Tail tube unit

Medium Navigation Buoy
Manufacturer: Mobilis
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Category: Navigation Aids

The BC 1242 is a medium buoyancy tail tube unit with 1.24 metre diameter hull. These buoys are generally used in near shore applications where high visibility is a major requirement. The high focal height of this small diameter buoy is achieved by utilizing a short tail tube assembly. Adjustable ballast weights provide excellent anti heel characteristics and help keep these buoys upright even in severe weather conditions. The BC 1242 buoys are constructed around a central galvanized steel tube structure with rotationally moulded medium density polyethylene floats and common day mark assemblies.

The BC 1242 is fitted with a cylindrical shaped float. This modular design allows for a range of common parts that reduce maintenance, inspection, and replacement costs. The result is a much lighter, easier to handle buoy that can be maintained with smaller service vessels. The buoy design allows it to lay on its side when being maintained on the deck of a service vessel. The BC 1242 buoys are available as Lateral, Cardinal or Special Mark and will accept self contained solar lantern configurations.

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